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80 Years Ago, Wednesday 3 May 1944



Submarine Flasher (SS-249) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship Teisen Maru in the South China Sea about 300 miles east of Cape Varella, French Indochina, 12°54'N, 114°07'E.

Submarine Sand Lance (SS-381) sinks Japanese transport Kenan Maru about 15 miles northwest of Saipan, 15°20'N,145°34'E.

Submarine Tautog (SS-199) sinks Japanese army cargo ship Fushimi Maru off south coast of Uruppu Island, Kurils,45°28'N, 149°56'E.

Submarine Tinosa (SS-283) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship Toyohi Maru west of Bashi Channel between Formosa and Luzon, 20°51'N, 118°02'E.

British submarine HMS Tantalus sinks Japanese army cargo ship Amagi Maru 40 miles south of Port Blair, 11°00'N,92°00'E.

USAAF B-24s (14th Air Force) attack Japanese convoy southwest of Takao, Formosa, sinking cargo ship Shingu Maru, 22°05'N, 117°50'E


Destroyer escort Donnell (DE-56) is damaged by German submarine U-765, 450 miles southwest of Cape Clear, Ireland.


As convoy GUS 38 heads west toward the Straits of Gibraltar, German submarine U-371 closes in; destroyer escort Menges (DE-320) locates the enemy but is torpedoed and damaged by her quarry off Bougie, Algeria. Consequently, destroyer escorts Pride (DE-323) and Joseph E. Campbell (DE-70) hunt for U-371, joined by British destroyer HMS Blankney, French destroyer L'Alycon and destroyer escort Senegalais, and minesweeper Sustain (AM-119). U-371, however, escapes (see 4 May).


Eighth AF

47 B-24’s bomb V-weapon site at Wizernes.

Twelfth AF

B-25’s and B-26’s pound railway bridges at Monte Molino, Orvieto, and Taggia, bridge approaches at Ficulle and Imperia, and Ventimiglia marshalling yards. A-20’s attack ammo dumps. P-40’s and P-47’s attack rail lines, bridge, dump, guns, and building in battle area and score 4 direct hits on observation post S of Cassino; vessels and docks at Civitavecchia and Montalto di Castro, and road bridges and rail lines in the area; town of Fondi and rail lines and bridges nearby; railway bridges at Foligno, Sant’ Elpidio a Mare, and Grosseto; viaduct at Terni; and numerous vehicles, dumps, railroads, vessels, and other targets in battle areas and in N Italy.

Tenth AF

18 A-31’s again hit defensive positions near Buthidaung. 12 B-25’s and 40-plus A-31’s hit Kohima and Kalewa. 28 Fighter Bombers pound ammo dumps and other supplies at Mohnyin and N of Nanyaseik. 9 P-38’s hit airfields in Meiktila area. 7 P-40’s attack Lakatkawng and support ground forces in the area.

Fourteenth AF

7 CACW B-25’s bomb Mihsien town area and also hit numerous vehicles and troops NE of Mihsien, between Yochou and Hsuchang, at Chihsien and N of Yenling. The Medium Bombers also strafe town of Hsiangcheng. 4 B-26’s and 8 P-40’s pound storage area at Tangyang airfield. 10 CACW P-40’s score 11 direct hits on bridge over the Yellow R NW of Chenghsien, and destroy 15 trucks and many troops between Loyang and Luchou. 10 other P-40’s on armed recon sink 3 sampans near Cat Ba I, knock out bridge at Bac Le, damage another at Kep, and pound Na Cham railroad yards.

Fifth AF

72 B-24’s, B-25’s, and A-20’s thoroughly blast Wewak and Boram airfields in a single raid. About 120 A- 20’s, B-25’s, and Fighter Bombers, operating throughout the day, hit Wewak and Hansa Bay areas, including targets at Nubia, Uligan, Mushu I, Wewak, and Boram. airfields at Maffin Bay is bombed by B-25’s.

Thirteenth AF

8 P-39’s bomb buildings at Monoitu. 17 others, in the course of 6 missions, hit targets of opportunity, including Japanese-occupied huts and buildings at Toiemonapu, Tinputs, and Sisiruai, and bivouacs at Tarlena, Ratsua, and Mawareka. 24 B-25’s bomb Kulon Plantation and a personnel concentration to the NE. Allied fighter sweeps over N Solomons and the Bismarcks continue. P-40’s returning from New Britain area bomb Pororan.

Seventh AF

B-25’s from Kwajalein bomb Wotje while others, based at Makin, strike both Jaluit and Wotje, using Majuro as a rearming base between raids.


BURMA—In NCAC area, as 65th Regt and elements of 66th Regt, Ch 22 Div, continue push down Kamaing road toward Inkangahtawng, 64th Regt, Ch 22 Div, cuts Kamaing road about 500 yards S of Hwelon Stream.

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