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80 Years Ago, 11 May 1944 Thursday



Submarine Crevalle (SS-291) evacuates 28 women and children from Negros, P.I.

Submarine Rasher (SS-269) attacks Japanese convoy, sinking auxiliary vessel Choi Maru in the Molucca Sea northwest of Boeroe Island, 03°30'S, 126°06'E.

Submarine Sand Lance (SS-381) attacks Japanese convoy, sinking transport Mitakesan Maru off Tinian, 14°57'N,145°15'E.

Submarine Sturgeon (SS-187) attacks Japanese convoy, sinking army cargo ship Seiryu Maru about 140 miles north of Chichi Jima, 29°41'N, 141°35'E.


Naval Advanced Amphibious Base, Southhampton, England, is established.


Covered lighter YF-415 is destroyed by explosion of undetermined origin in North Atlantic off east coast of the United States, 42°24'N, 70°36'W.


Eighth AF

164 B-24’s bomb marshalling yards at Mulhouse, Belfort, and Epinal; 24 bomb secondary targets of marshalling yards at Chaumont; 66 attack Orleans/Bricy and other targets of last resort. 5 bombers are lost in these early afternoon raids. In late afternoon 2 forces, totaling 549 B-17’s, bomb marshalling yards at Saarbrucken, Ehrang, Volkingen, KonzKarthaus, Thionville, Liege, Brussels/Midi, Brussels/Schaerbeek, Bettembourg, and elsewhere in Luxembourg. 8 bombers are lost.

Ninth AF

More than 330 Medium Bombers attack airfields at Beaumont-le-Roger and Cormeilles-en-Vexin and marshalling yards at Aerschot and Mezieres/Charleville. Bad visibility and failure to rendezvous with fighters cause over 100 aborts. This is start of Ninth’s participation in AAF pre-invasion offensive against airfields.

Twelfth AF

Medium Bombers, hampered by weather, attack Portoferraio, bridges near Orvieto and Ficulle, tracks at Piombino, viaduct at Poggibonsi, and bridges at Certaldo and Signa. Fighter Bombers hit Fondi, rail lines NE of Rome, airfield at Littoria, rail facilities in Perugia area, barge, harbor area, and factory in Portoferraio area, and tracks near Castiglione d’Orcia. Other Fighter Bombers attack numerous positions along main front as US Fifth and British Eighth Armies begin assault through the Gustav Line and the drive toward Rome.

Tenth AF

24 A-31’s hit Japanese positions at Labawa and SE of Maungdaw. 36 A-31’s hit positions at Kohima and Potsangbam. In Mogaung Valley 70-plus B-25’s, A-36’s, P-51’s, and P-40’s, attack Myitkyina and Pinbaw areas, Sahmaw, targets NW of Kamaing, gun positions at Nsopzup, and targets of opportunity along road from Inkangahtawng to Kamaing. 24 P-51’s attack airfield at Meiktila, Anisakan, and Heho, shooting down 13 airplanes in the area. 14 B-24’s pound Maymyo railroad station. 12 B-25’s attack railroad in Shwebo- Sagaing area. 12 other B-25’s knock out bridges at Pyu, Thawatti, Ela, and 7 mi S of Ela.

Fourteenth AF

24 P-40’s knock out main bridge N of Mangshih, bomb town area of Lungchwanchiang, damage radio station on Cat Ba I and destroy several large junks off shore, and attack power dam W of Cao Bang, buildings at Dong Dang, and boxcars and oil drums at Lang Giai. 6 B-25’s and 24 P-40’s (some firing rockets) pound railroad yards and depot at Sinyang, blast warehouse area 30 mi to the N, and sink a small freighter, 3 motor launches, and several sampans between Siaokan and Chienli. 2 B-25’s and 4 P-40’s hit troops, tanks, and trucks in Yenshih-Tengfeng-Mihsien area and in Luchou-Hsiangcheng vicinity. 6 P-40’s pound supply dumps at Mienchih and 13 P-40’s sink at least 5 supply boats on the Yangtze in the Hosueh area.

Fifth AF

130-plus B-24’s and B-25’s bomb gun emplacements and supply areas on Wakde and Mokmer airfield and targets of opportunity on Biak. 220-plus Fighter Bombers, A-20’s, B-24’s, and B-25’s continue to pound coastal bridges and villages, fuel dumps, vehicles, gun positions, supply areas, bivouacs, and various targets along the shoreline from Hansa Bay to Wewak.

Thirteenth AF

8 P-38’s bomb supply-personnel area W of Tobera. 12 B-25’s, 12 P-40’s and 3 B-24’s hit Vunakanau airfield. Ftrs on sweeps and bombing missions over the Bismarcks hit various targets at Kabanga Plantation, Gazelle Peninsula area, N of Sae R, and at Labout. 70-plus P-39’s, P-40’s, and P-38’s (flying total of 18 missions) attack variety of targets, including piers at Chabai, Ratsua, and Porton, wooded area near Pipipaia, town of Siruluna, bridge at Tokinotu, and airfield at Buka.

Seventh AF

B-24’s, staging through Eniwetok, bomb Truk during 10/11 May. During day B-25’s from Engebi hit Ponape while others, based at Makin, pound Jaluit.


CBI—In NCAC area, Chinese Y–Force continues crossing the Salween under cover of darkness. Three regts of 36th Div and 346th Regt, 116th Div, cross at Mengta Ferry. K Marauder Force starts toward Ngao Ga. 11 Army Group: In Br Fourteenth Army area, 4 Corps regroups. Ind 23d Div is given responsibility for Palel–Tamu road. Ind 20th Div drives N in 2 columns toward Ukhrul.

ITALY—AAI: AAI opens drive on Rome at 2300 with tremendous arty bombardment of Gustav Line by weapons of U.S. Fifth and Br Eighth Armies. While 5 Corps, under direct control of AAI, contains Adriatic coastal sector, U.S. Fifth Army’s II U.S. Corps and FEC and Br Eighth Army’s 13 and Pol 2 Corps attack, night 11–12. Tactical surprise is achieved, but enemy rallies quickly. U.S. Fifth Army jumps off first, moving forward under cover of arty bombardment. U.S. II Corps, in Gulf of Gaeta coastal sector, attacks with 85th Div on left and 88th on right. 85th Div’s 339th Inf makes limited progress above Scauri: elements secure positions on slopes of M. dei Pensieri and part of S. Martino Hill, but others make no progress against S. Domenico Ridge, SW of Tremensuoli. 338th Inf, co-ordinating its attack for S Ridge—so-called because of its shape—which extends SW from Tamo to Solacciano, with that of 88th Div’s 351st Inf toward S. Maria Infante, is unable to take Solacciano or advance up draw between S Ridge and S. Maria Ridge. Pushing N along S. Maria Ridge from Minturno area, 351st Inf gets forward elements to Hills 146 and 150. 350th Inf, 88th Div, in co-operation with FEC to right, attacks hills SW of Castelforte and clears 3—413,316, and Ceracoli. On left flank of FEC Corps, 4th Moroccan Mtn Div attacks toward Castelforte in conjunction with left flank elements of II Corps. To right, 2d Moroccan Div overruns M. Faito and Cerasola Hill.

In Br Eighth Army area, 13 Corps attacks across the Rapido in force in region between the Liri and Cassino, employing 4th Div on N and Ind 8th Div on S. Enemy vigorously opposes crossings but bridgehead is established. Pol 2 Corps begins attack in Cassino area to right of 13 Corps at 0100, 12th. 10 Corps, on extreme right of Eighth Army, secures right flank of assault forces and demonstrates to mislead enemy.

FRANCE—Ninth Air Force begins program of attacks on selected airfields within range of Caen, hitting those at Beaumont-le-Roger and Cormeillesen-Vexin.

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