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80 Years Ago, Tuesday 30 May 1944



Submarine Guitarro (SS-363), despite proximity of at least three escort vessels, sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship Shisen Maru 60 miles southeast of Keelung, Formosa, 24°32'N, 123°24'E.

Submarine Pompon (SS-267) sinks Japanese merchant passenger/cargo ship Shiga Maru off Murotosaki, Japan,33°15'N, 134°11'E.

Submarine Rasher (SS-269) continues attack on Japanese convoy in the eastern Celebes Sea, sinking gunboat AnshuMaru about 110 miles north-northwest of Halmahera, 03°40'N, 126°58'E.

USAAF B-25s (11th Air Force) sink Japanese guardboat Shinyo Maru northeast of Paramushiro, Kurils, and damageguardboat No.3 Showa Maru east of the Kurils.

USAAF B-25s damage Japanese cargo vessel Nansei Maru west of Manokwari.



Loading of assault forces for OVERLORD begins.

Eighth AF

911 Heavy Bombers operating in 6 forces attack aircraft factories, A/Fs, and depots at Dessau, Oschersleben, Halberstadt, Rotenburg, Zwischenahn, Oldenburg, Diepholz, and Handorf; marshalling yards at Brussels, Troyes, and Reims; V-weapon sites at Watten and Siracourt; and various targets of opportunity.

Ninth AF

Over 320 Medium Bombers attack A/Fs at Denain/Prouvy and Mantes/ Limay, and highway bridges at Meulan and Rouen. Nearly 400 P-47’s dive-bomb targets in NW Europe.

Twelfth AF

B-26’s and B-25’s destroy or damage 10 bridges, bridge approaches, and viaducts which affect supply routes to battlefronts across C Italy. Light Bombers and Fighter Bombers blast motor transports and gun positions in battle area and hit targets in and around towns in the area, including Guidonia, Ariccia, Alatri, and Veroli. Transport airplanes evacuate wounded from Nettuno.

Fifteenth AF

Nearly 500 B-17’s and B-24’s attack A/F and aircraft factory at Wels, factories at Pottendorf, Neudorfl, and Neunkirchen and marshalling yard at Zagreb. P-38’s and P-51’s provide escort. Many of the fighters strafe targets of opportunity in areas around Zut, Brod, Susak, Bihac, Medak, and along Karlovac-Livno road.

Tenth AF

9 B-25’s attack railroad between Namma and Hopin. B-25’s and Fighter Bombers fly 100 sorties against railroad targets, hitting tracks, rolling stock, stations, and bridges in vicinities of Mogaung, Myitkyina, Hopin, and Loilaw. Imphal-Tiddim road is bombed by 3 B-24’s.

Fourteenth AF

48 fighters support ground forces in Mamien Pass-Watien-Chiangtso area. 31 supply airplanes drop food and ammo to friendly forces in Mamien Pass area. 13 B-25’s damage Wan Pa-Hsa bridge and bomb town of Lungling, destroying 6 warehouses and starting several big fires. 8 P-51’s hit railroad targets of opportunity on sweeps from Peking, Chengting, Pingting, Linfen, and Puchou. 16 P-38’s and P-51’s dive-bomb installations at W end of Nanchang bridge, causing much damage. 5 B-25’s and 12 P-40’s strafe troops, supplies, and occupied strongpoints at Loyang and at several locations along Yangtze and Yellow Rivers. Japanese air strikes on Hengyang and Liangshan A/Fs destroy 4 US airplanes, damage several others, and blow up a fuel dump.

Fifth AF

B-25’s hit enemy positions as fighting on Biak I slacks temporarily. Other B-25’s bomb A/F and nearby AA guns and fuel at Timoeka. B-24’s and A-20’s hit Japen I. In Wakde-Sarmi battle area, B-25’s bomb and strafe shoreline from NW of Sawar to Sarmi Pt. Wewak area is again blasted by 70-plus A-20’s, B-24’s, and B-25’s, along with RAAF aircraft. Thirteenth Air TF B-24’s hit Truk Atoll, Woleai, and Puluwat group.

Thirteenth AF

23 B-26’s bomb personnel areas NE of Tobera. 40-plus P-38’s, P-40’s, and P-39’s bomb supply dump near Ratawul. 33 P-39’s and 8 P-40’s demolish bridges at Kirinani and over the Siaibai R. Log ramp over Miwo R is damaged and road between Puriata R and Kiaraba is hit. The Fighter Bombers also attack Buka runway, Chabai barge anchorage, and Soraken supply area.

Seventh AF

B-25’s from Engebi bomb Ponape, which is also hit by B-24’s returning from shuttle base at Los Negros. 2 forces of B-24’s from Kwajalein strike Truk and Wake.

Eleventh AF

1 B-25 and 2 P-38’s fly guardship cover.


NEW GUINEA—On Biak, 186th Inf meets few enemy as it patrols from Parai Defile eastward. 162d Inf patrols evoke opposition from Japanese in Ibdi pocket, on ridge NW of Ibdi. In Wakde-Sarmi area, 158th Inf organizes new defense line along Tirfoam R. 1st and 3d Bns, 163d Inf, leave for Biak. Japanese attack Arare perimeter after nightfall.

BURMA—Gen Boatner replaces Col John E. Mc- Cammon as head of Myitkyina TF.

ITALY—AAI: In U.S. Fifth Army’s VI Corps area, enemy continues stubborn defense of Albano, Velletri, and Lanuvio. CCB, 1st Armd Div, reaches Campoleone Creek and is reinf by 157th Inf. 135th Inf, 34th Div, reduces small enemy position SW of Lanuvio 36th Div continues holding action below Velletri and at night attacks toward M. Artemisio. 1st Br Div is attached to corps at midnight. II Corps continues movement to new zone. During night 30–31, 85th Div relieves elements of 3d Div. 349th Inf, 88th Div, arrives SW of Cori and is attached to 85th Div. In FEC area, elements of 3d Moroccan Div move into Palombara Pass.

In Br Eighth Army area, Cdn 1 Corps continues toward Frosinone and makes contact with French at Ceccano.

U.K.—Loading of assault forces for OVERLORD begins.


Remainder of the FORAGER Northern Troops and Landing Force not embarked in LSTs departs Pearl Harbor.

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