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80 Years Ago, Monday 8 May 1944



Submarine Hoe (SS-258) damages Japanese escort vessel Sado and army tanker Akane Maru in South China Sea west of Luzon Strait, 19°22'N, 120°13'E.

Submarine Tautog (SS-199) attacks Japanese convoy in Tsugaru Strait, sinking army cargo ship Miyazaki Maru off Ominato, northern Honshu, 41°52'N, 141°12'E.


Eighth AF

During the morning 378 B-17’s bomb Berlin, 287 B-24’s and 49 B-17’s strike aircraft factories near Brunswick, and 29 Heavy Bombers attack Brandenburg and scattered targets of opportunity in the area; 36 bombers are lost on these raids. In afternoon 52 B-17’s bomb 1 V-weapon site at Sottevast, 29 B-17’s bomb sites at La Glacerie, and 56 B-24’s bomb M/Ys at Brussels, with 5 Heavy Bombers being lost in these afternoon operations. About 450 B-26’s and A-20’s bomb M/Ys, coastal defenses, bridges, airfields, and V-weapons sites in France and Belgium.

Twelfth AF

Fighter Bombers hit roads and railroads N of Rome, supply dump N of Anzio beachhead, and station at Colleferro. Numerous trucks and railroad cars are destroyed and many troops killed. Attacks against rolling stock on Rome-Orte rail line are especially effective.

Tenth AF

12 A-31’s continue attacks on sector SE of Buthidaung. 9 B-24’s and 9 B-25’s bomb Moirang and a village to the N, causing considerable damage including the destruction of a road bridge. 12 P-38’s hit Kangaung airfield.

Fifth AF

B-24’s and P-40’s operating in Geelvink Bay area attack Mokmer airfield and nearby shipping. A-20’s and Fighter Bombers continue to pound targets of opportunity along NE New Guinea coast from Wewak to Hansa Bay and along Sepik R.

Thirteenth AF

Fighter Bombers pound Tobera airfield and strafe targets of opportunity in the area. 2 sqs of B-24’s bomb gun positions at Sohano I and Hahilia while 30-plus P-39’s and P-40’s hit areas around Porton, Tsimba, Tarara, Kieta, Numa Numa, Tsirogei, and at several other points. B-25’s blast coast near Banin, hit Sohano I, and bomb airfield areas at Bonis and Buka.

Seventh AF

B-25’s from Engebi strike Ponape while Makin-based B-25’s pound Jaluit and Wotje, using Majuro as a shuttle base between strikes. B-24’s that landed at Los Negros after Guam strike on 6 May return to the Marshalls, bombing Ponape en route.


NEW GUINEA—126th Inf completes relief of 163d in W sector of Aitape perimeter. Nyaparake Force is strengthened by arrival of rif le platoon and light MG section from Co A.

BURMA—In NCAC area, TF END RUN provides fire support for another attack by 88th Regt, Ch 30th Div, on Ritpong, but enemy retains the village. 114th Regt, Ch 38th Div, begins general advance on Kamaing, while 112th prepares to attack Warong.

ETO—Gen Eisenhower sets D Day for Normandy invasion as 5 June. This is subsequently postponed to 6 June.

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