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80 Years Ago, Saturday 6 May 1944



Submarine Crevalle (SS-291) attacks Japanese convoy off northern Borneo, sinking fleet tanker Nisshin Maru about40 miles west of Kalutan Island, 07°19'N,116°52'E.

Submarine Gurnard (SS-254) encounters Japanese TAKE No.1 convoy in the Celebes Sea, sinking Manokwari-bound troop-carrying army cargo ships Aden Maru, Amatsuzan Maru and Tajima Maru, 02°42'N, 124°07'E.

Submarine Spearfish (SS-190) attacks Japanese shipping in East China Sea west of Kyushu, and sinks merchant cargo ship Toyoura Maru and damages supply ship Mamiya, 32°16'N, 127°08'E.


Destroyer escort Buckley (DE-51) is damaged when she intentionally rams German submarine U-66, which has been damaged by aircraft (VC 55) from escort carrier Block Island (CVE-21), about 390 miles west of the Cape Verdes. The battle echoes close-quarters fights of the age of sail, as Buckley's sailors employ small arms, hand grenades, fists and even coffee mugs. U-66 sinks as the result of the multi-faceted pounding she has taken in mid-Atlantic, 17°17'N,32°29'W.


Eighth AF

70 B-24’s bomb V-weapon site at Siracourt. Over 90 others, scheduled to attack similar installations at Sottevast and La Glacerie, fail to bomb because of total overcast at targets.

Ninth AF

76 B-26’s and A-20’s dispatched to attack coastal defenses abort mission because of weather.

Twelfth AF

A-20’s pound storage area at Itri. A-36’s hit rail lines in Viterbo area. P-40’s hit guns, tracks, and railroad station in and around Frosinone, and rail lines, stations, roads, and town area in and near Itri, Colleferro, and Sezze. P-47’s hit Certaldo marshalling yard and numerous railroad and highway targets, including several bridges.

Fifteenth AF

About 300 B-17’s and B-24’s, escorted by P-51’s and P-38’s, bomb airfield, aircraft factory, and marshalling yard at Brasov.

Tenth AF

24 A-31’s continue pounding positions near Buthidaung. 14 B-25’s bomb Indainggyi, destroy Sibong bridge, and damage road at Hpaungzeik. 40-plus A-31’s bomb troop concentrations NE of Palel and hit Thaungdut area. 90-plus P-40’s, A-31’s, P-51’s, and B-25’s attack wide variety of targets throughout Mogaung Valley. 18 Fighter Bombers and 6 B-25’s support ground forces at Mawlu while 3 B-25’s and 4 P-51’s hit positions at Nalong.

Fourteenth AF

61 P-40’s and 5 B-25’s attack targets throughout S China and Indochina. Numerous vehicles and troops are destroyed in Hsiangcheng, Loyang, and Luchou areas. 8 boxcars are destroyed and 70 more damaged between Thanh Moi and Bac Le and between Phu Lang Thuong and Lang Son. A barge is sunk at Campha Port and numerous sampans and small craft sunk or damaged at Cat Ba I. Main buildings at Nanchang mines are destroyed, Sienning bridge is damaged, and several railroad cars and vehicles are destroyed near Puchi. 14 B-25’s and 28 Fighter Bombers pound airfield and surrounding area at Hankow.

Fifth AF

B-24’s bomb Penfoei and Biak I. 150-plus B-25’s, A-20’s, and Fighter Bombers, operating almost continuously throughout the day, blast a variety of targets from Wewak to the shores of Hansa Bay. B-24’s of Thirteenth Air TF again bomb Woleai.

Thirteenth AF

24 B-25’s and 12 P-39’s pound the Talili Bay area. 37 P-39’s and 19 P-40’s attack targets in Porton area.

Seventh AF

B-25’s from Makin and Kwajalein hit Wotje and Jaluit. B-24’s, staging through Eniwetok, escort Navy airplanes on photo recon of Guam. The B-24’s bomb Guam from 20,000 ft, scoring hits on 2 airfields and a town area and proceed to Los Negros to prepare for return flight. The Heavy Bombers claim 4 interceptors shot down.


NEW GUINEA—At conference of military leaders to consider Adm Barbey’s proposal that the Wakde-Sarmi operation be postponed, it is agreed that 21 May for D Day is preferable to 15 May and that the operation cannot be undertaken earlier than 16 May. Gen MacArthur, informed of this by Gen Krueger, proposes a major change: Wakde I., from which aircraft can cover future move to Biak, should be taken as planned but the Sarmi part of the operation should be cancelled, since terrain there does not appear to be of a suitable type to support heavy bomber operations. 32d Div staff becomes Hq, PERSECUTION TF. Aitape defenses are reorganized; E and W sectors, separated by Waitanan Creek, are to be held respectively by RCT 127 and RCT 726.

BURMA—In NCAC area, KHAKI CT, followed closely by ORANGE CT, cuts its way around Ritpong and emerges on trail S of village. 88th Regt, Ch 30th Div, makes unsuccessful attack on Ritpong from N. Elements of 114th Regt, Ch 38th Div, cross Nawngmi Stream.

ITALY—AAI: Gen Alexander sets 11 May as D Day for offensive.


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