Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Industries at Pittsburg

This city will be one of the LDEs on the North Bay Lines.  Thanks to the San Jose Public Library, I was able to obtain a PDF set of the Sanborn Maps for Pittsburg and the other cities on the Valley Division.

The following is a list of industries taken from the Sanborn index map with the sheet number where they are found.  Not included in this list is Camp Stoneman, the Army's personnel depot for the Pacific Theater in WWII.  All Army troops bound for the Pacific got their final outprocessing there before they boarded ships in San Francisco or Oakland to make the long journey overseas.  More on Camp Stoneman in future posts.

Map     Pittsburg Industries      
2          Pioneer Dairy Company           
2          Standard Fisheries       

3          San Francisco International Fish Company       

4          F. E. Booth Company, Cannery           
235 East 1st Street
NRS waterfront
4          Johns-Mannville, Inc. Warehouse         

4          A. Paladini Fish Company        
397 East First Street
            NRS waterfront
4          San Joaquin Fish Company      
4          Western California Fish Company        
            299 East 1st Street
            NRS waterfront

6          Coast Counties Gas & Electric Company         
6          Pittsburg Soda Works 

8          Texaco Oil Company, Bulk oil station  
8          California Bean Growers Ware House Corporation,     
8          California Scrap Iron Corporation        

8          Johns-Mannville, Inc.
11        Coca Cola Supply Depot         
12        Pacific Public Service, office & shop    
12        River Lines, freight depot         
12        Seger Trucking Company        

15        Gladding McBean & Company, Fire brick Factory
            Stockton Fire Brick Company, Plant No. 3                              
            On SP
15        Union Ice Company     
            Pittsburg Ice & Fuel Company
            1081-1095 Railroad Ave.
16        C. A. Hooper & Company, Ware house          

16        Standard Oil Company of California Pipe Line Dept.    
19        Diamond Building Materials     
19        Redwood Manufacturing Company Inc.           
20        Columbia Steel Corporation     
20        National Chemical Company of California
20        H. F. Lauritzen, ship repair yard & machine works       
20        Coast Counties Gas Company 

20        Union Oil Company of California         

21        Pioneer Rubber Mills of California Inc. 

22        Great Western Electro Chemical Company (Dow)  

Other sources of industry information include city directories, the OPSIG shipper data base, and Santa Fe CLICK books and track charts.  More from those sources in future posts as well.

John Barry
Cameron Park, CA


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