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80 Years Ago Thursday, 1 June 1944



Submarine Narwhal (SS-167) lands men and supplies on southwest coast of Mindanao.

Submarine Herring (SS-233) continues attacks against Japanese shipping in the Kurils, sinking transport Iwaki Maru [the lone surviving ship of convoy NE attacked the previous day by Herring and Barb (SS-220)] and merchant cargo ship Hiburi Maru off Matsuwa Island, 48°00'N, 153°00'E, but is sunk by shore battery (Guards Division 52, Matsuwa Detachment).

Submarine Pintado (SS-387) sinks Japanese transport Toho Maru about 250 miles northwest of Saipan, 18°08'N,141°14'E, and damages transport Kinshu Maru (see 17 June 1944).

Big harbor tug Shahaka (YTB-368) sinks after collision with Section "A" of advance base section dock ABSD-2,about midway between the coast of California and the Hawaiian Islands, 27°21'N, 136°29'W.


Destroyers Champlin (DD-601) and MacKenzie (DD-614) shell German strongpoints and shore batteries in the vicinity of Anzio; Champlin and Parker (DD-604) will alternate covering minesweeping operations west of Anzio and will also do so on 2 and 4 June.


Ninth AF

Around 100 B-26’s bomb airfields and coastal defense batteries from Belgian border to Cherbourg Peninsula.

Twelfth AF

Medium Bombers, Light Bombers, and Fighter Bombers continue support of ground troops, striking concentrations, bivouac areas, motor transport, railways and roads, bridges, trains and other targets. Fighters fly sweeps over battle areas, escort Medium Bombers, and carry out sweeps along E Italian coast.

6/1/44 Tenth AF

7 B-25’s pound bridges at Songon and Bongyaung and hit Imphal-Tiddim road. 20-plus others fly ammo into Imphal area. 19 P-40’s hit targets in Myitkyina area.

6/1/44 Fourteenth AF

25 Fighter Bombers hit Chenghsien railroad yards. 18 Fighter Bombers bomb docks, gunboat, and barracks in Chiuchiang area and strafe about 300 troops at Sanyenchiao.

6/1/44 Fifth AF

B-24’s bomb Amboina, Boeroe, and Kai Is. B-25’s and A-20’s attack targets of opportunity in Kaukenau area, at Ransiki, and on Noemfoor and Biak Is. A-20’s, B-25’s, and P-39’s hit villages, bivouac, and other targets of opportunity in coastal area from Wakde Is to Hollandia. Bombing of Wewak-Hansa Bay coast continues.

6/1/44 Thirteenth AF

XIII BC moves from the New Hebrides to Los Negros. 9 B-25’s bomb Matupi I and 3 hit SE part of Rabaul. 12 others pound personnel and supply area NE of Tobera. 30-plus P-38’s and P-40’s hit Talili Bay supply areas. 5 Medium Bombers hit barge hideout and buildings on Duke of York I. 30-plus P-39’s attack Tonolai, Arigua, Arawa, and barges at Sohano I.

6/1/44 Seventh AF

B-25’s from Eniwetok hit Ponape.

6/1/44 Eleventh AF

2 B-24’s from Shemya photograph and bomb installations at Buroton Bay including a suspected seaplane base and the harbor area. Of 2 B-25’s and 4 P-38’s taking off for guardship cover mission, 3 aircraft abort with engine trouble. 2 other B-25’s fly a negative antishipping sweep.

6/1/44 ZI

AAF Redistribution Center is redesignated AAF Personnel Distribution Cmd.


NEW GUINEA—On Biak, TF HURRICANE begins offensive to expand perimeter. While 163d Inf holds beachhead, 186th Inf, with supporting tanks and arty, moves N to surveyed airstrip on inland plateau and repels strong enemy attacks from N and S. 2d Bn, 162d Inf, begins laborious trek northward in effort to make contact with 186th Inf on inland plateau while rest of regiment probes westward from Ibdi. Japanese seize water hole in coastal sector and block main coastal road. Naval and engineer units explore 3 islands of Paidado group—Mios Woendi, Aoeki, and Owl. In Hollandia–Aitape area, ALAMO Force gives Gen Patrick permission to keep rest of 163d Inf until arrival of 6th Div detachment. In sector of TF PERSECUTION, Japanese force 1st Bn, 126th Inf, to return to Yakamul, where it will maintain base from which Harech R line can be explored from coast inland.

CBI—In NCAC area of Burma, Ch 22d Div force cuts Kamaing Road in Mogaung Valley just SE of Nanyaseik, above Kamaing. With Ch 38th Div holding Seton block below Kamaing, Kamaing garrison is in grave danger, but monsoon rainfall is slowing operations. U.S. reinforcements are being rushed to Myitkyina. 2 engr bns, GALAHAD replacements, and GALAHAD evacuees have arrived by air between 26 May and 1 June. Supplies are dangerously low, Americans having only food enough for 1 day and Chinese for 2 days. Chinese attack makes little progress. U.S. 236th Engr Bn pushes toward Namkwi with dual purpose of clearing that region and of gaining combat experience; attack fails, although elements succeed in reaching objective. On Salween front, elements of Ch 2d Reserve and 36th Divs (54th Army) reach Shweli Valley from Tatangtzu Pass and join 593d Regt, Ch 198th Div, from Mamien Pass. Japanese are drawing off forces from upper Shweli Valley to strengthen Lung-ling area to S. Two regiments of 9th Div, Ch 2d Army, cross the Salween; 76th Div of same army patrols toward Burma Road.

ITALY—AAI: U.S. Fifth Army opens offensive to destroy German Fourteenth Army. In VI Corps area, Br and U.S. troops continue futile efforts to break through to Albano and block escape of enemy to E. Br 1st Div, on extreme left, is unable to advance. 45th Div makes limited progress. 34th Div gains a little ground below Lanuvio. 141st Inf, 36th Div, takes Velletri after hard battle. 142d Inf consolidates positions on M. Artemisio; 143d, relieved of Maschio d’Ariano by 337th Inf of 85th Div, advances SW along the ridge. II Corps opens final offensive for Rome, aiming first at Highway 6 and Cave road. On left flank, 85th Div, with 337th Inf on left and 338th on right, attacks toward M. Ceraso against strong resistance. 349th Inf, 88th Div, is committed to right, where gap is developing, and drives to heights N of RR. On right flank of II Corps, 3d Div attacks northward in Valmontone area. 30th Inf and TF Howze, reinf by elements of 7th, make slow progress on left. On right, 15th Inf pushes to Highway 6, and 1st SSF takes high ground SE of Valmontone. 91st Cav Rcn Sq screens right flank ahead of 3d Div. IV Corps is officially withdrawn from line at 1400.

In Br Eighth Army area, Cdn 1 Corps, moving up Route 6 toward Rome, reaches Ferentino.

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