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80 Years Ago Saturday 3 June 1944



Destroyer Reid (DD-369) is damaged by dive bomber off western New Guinea, 01°13'S, 136°13'E.

In operations against Japanese shipping off New Guinea, a PBY (VPB 52) damages torpedo boat Kiji 23 miles northwest of Manokwari, 00°40'S, 134°00'E; USAAF A-20s sink fishing boat No.96 Banshu Maru west of Manokwari.


Eighth AF

In Operation COVER, 338 Heavy Bombers attack coastal defenses in the Pas de Calais area, bombing a total of 22 assigned targets. In second mission of the day 215 Heavy Bombers attack 16 of the targets bombed during the first mission. No bombers are lost on either mission.

Ninth AF

Over 250 B-26’s and A-20’s bomb airfields, highway bridges, and coastal def batteries in N France. Over 400 P-38’s and P-47’s divebomb targets in NW Europe.

Twelfth AF

Medium Bombers pound bridges in C Italy, further damaging the enemy’s comm system. Fighter Bombers continue close support of embattled ground forces immediately S of Rome and attack several bridges N of the city to hinder a possible withdrawal of enemy forces. Light Bombers attack ammo and fuel dumps.

Fifteenth AF

Bad weather drastically curtails operations. 36 B-24’s bomb waterfront area of Omis and 38 hit port area and W part of Split. Fighters sent to strafe targets of opportunity in target areas abandon mission because of low clouds over targets.

Tenth AF

15 B-25’s pound Imphal-Tiddim road while a few P-40’s hit Mogaung area. B-25 ammo lift to Imphal area continues.

Fourteenth AF

P-40’s support ground forces at Watien and Tatangtzu, destroy 2 barges and damage others in Gulf on Tonkin, and strafe 40 barges carrying horses and troops in Tungting Lake area N of Nanhsien. B-25’s, P-40’s, and P-51’s pound Pingkiang area.

Fifth AF

B-25’s, A-20’s, and B-24’s hit Timoeka airfield and nearby villages, shipping off Manokwari, Seroei Village on Japen I, and positions N of Mokmer, and strafe Mokmer, Sorido and Kamiri airfields. P-38’s and P-47’s battle fighters over Biak I and over Babo area. P-47’s and P-40’s hit Sawar airfield, supplies and fuel dumps in Sarmi and Orai R areas, and hideouts and occupied areas along coast. B-24’s and Fighter Bombers maintain consistent pounding of numerous targets in Wewak-Hansa Bay coastal region. B-24’s of Thirteenth Air TF bomb Eten and Dublon.

Thirteenth AF

All scheduled strikes on Rabaul area are cancelled due to weather conditions. 20-plus P-39’s, turned back from Rabaul area, hit Tsundawan-Porton road, vehicles in Komai area, and AA position at Kara.

Seventh AF

B-24’s, staging through Eniwetok, strike Truk in predawn raid. B-25’s from Engebi bomb Nauru.

Eleventh AF

2 B-25’s and 2 P-38’s fly guardship cover. 2 other B-25’s fly a negative shipping search.


NEW GUINEA—On Biak, TF HURRICANE’s 186th Inf continues W on broad front to positions N of Parai. Japanese do not oppose advance, but terrain makes progress slow. Supply line is tenuous and water must be brought inland from coast. 162d Inf ( — ) attempts unsuccessfully to push W through Parai Defile. It is decided that the Ibdi Pocket must be cleared before westward attacks can continue. Engineer, AA, radar, and arty units move to Owi I. In Hollandia–Aitape area, Japanese in TF PERSECUTION zone are still active around Yakamul and bypass Herrick Force to reach positions W of Yakamul.

BURMA—In NCAC area, Ch 42d and 150th Regts and 1st Bn of 89th continue attack on Myitkyina; suffering 320 casualties. Operations are to be temporarily suspended in order to avoid further casualties and to train U.S. troops.

ITALY—AAI: In U.S. Fifth Army’s VI Corps area, 45th and 34th Divs push toward Albano from S and SE. 45th drives N to RR and is followed by 1st Armd Div, reinf by 135th Inf of 34th Div, which is to continue attack through 45th Div. In 34th Div sector, 168th Inf takes Lanuvio early in day; 100th Bn (Nisei) overcomes rear-guard opposition on M. du Torri by 0100 on 4th; 133d Inf overruns Genzano before dawn of 4th. 157th Inf is attached to 34th Div upon entering its sector; bypassing M. du Torri, seizes road junction on Albano road north of RR, night 3–4. 36th Div’s 141st Inf takes Nemi and road junction E of Lake Albano; 142d clears crest of M. Cavo; 143d eliminates strongroupoint on Tano Hill. II Corps, having regrouped extensively in order to swing W on Rome, gets into position for final assault. 85th Div pushes toward Frascati, elements reaching hills NE of town. 88th Div column drives through Colonna to final phase line S of Tor Sapienza by 0400 on 4th. 349th Inf, guarding Highway 6 near Zagarolo, is attached to 3d Div. TF Howze, which is reinf and attached to 1st SSF, drives up Highway 6 against rear-guard resistance and secures Osteria Finocchio road center. 1st SSF, upon relief on right flank by FEC, moves forward to right of TF Howze. 3d Div guards right flank while awaiting relief by FEC. 15th Inf, the first unit to be relieved, takes up positions NE of Osteria Finocchio. 7th Inf moves W in region N of Highway 6. FEC moves forward to rear of II Corps. 3d Algerian Div advances along Highway 6, relieving right flank elements of II Corps. 2d Moroccan Div takes up positions facing Paliano and Genazzano to defend right rear of FEC.

In Br Eighth Army area, Cdn 1 Corps takes Anagni.

U.K.—Loading of cross-Channel assault forces is completed.

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