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80 Years Ago, Saturday 10 June 1944



PB4Ys (VB 108, VB 109) sweep ahead of TF 58 (Vice Admiral Marc A. Mitscher) as it approaches the Marianas, to intercept and destroy any Japanese aircraft in the path of the fast carriers. These sweeps will be repeated on 11 June. During these two days of operations, a Privateer from each squadron will shoot down a Japanese plane at some distance away from the task force. The use of PB4Ys is decided upon because sightings of these long-range planes in that region is a commonplace occurrence and would thus arouse no enemy suspicions that a carrier task force is in the area.

High speed transport Talbot (APD-7) is damaged in collision with battleship Pennsylvania (BB-38), en route to the Marianas.

Destroyer Taylor (DD-468) sinks Japanese submarine RO-111, 210 miles north-northwest of Kavieng, New Ireland,00°26'N, 149°16'E.

Destroyer escort Bangust (DE-739) sinks Japanese submarine RO-42, 70 miles northeast of Kwajalein, Marshalls,10°05'N, 168°22'E.

British submarine HMS Tantalus sinks Japanese army cargo ship Hiyoshi Maru in Strait of Malacca, 03°05'N,99°56'E.

USAAF B-25s bomb Japanese shipping off Manokwari, sinking auxiliary sailing vessel Shinei Maru.

Mine damages Japanese cargo vessel Yozan Maru off Manila.

Japanese cargo vessel Kinmon Maru is sunk by accidental fire, Singapore, 01°17'N, 103°51'E.


German shore battery sinks Destroyer Glennon (DD-620) off Normandy by, 50°32'N, 01°12'W; Landing Craft Tank LCT-209 sinks after running aground off beachhead. U.S. freighter Charles Morgan is damaged by bomb off UTAH Beach that kills 7 of the 64-man Army stevedore unit on board and one merchant crewman; there are no casualties among the 27-man Armed Guard. Fleet tug Kiowa (ATF-72) takes on board the survivors. Despite strenuous efforts to save her, Charles Morgan, is ultimately declared a total loss.


Heaviest German air raid since 3 May occurs off Anzio against U.S. shipping off the beachhead. Minesweeper Symbol (AM-123), tank landing ship LST-211, infantry landing craft LCI-41, and U.S. freighter Tarleton Brown are all damaged by near-misses of bombs.


Eighth AF

Bad weather restricts operations to NW France. 873 Heavy Bombers are airborne but over 200 abort due to cloud conditions. 589 including 31 Pathfinders, attack 8 airfields in France and 9 coastal installations in Pas de Calais area. One B-24 is downed by AA at Evreux. VIII FC, flying over 1,600 sorties, supports Heavy Bomber missions and launches attacks against about 80 targets, including railroad facilities, convoys, tank column, trucks, radar station, tunnels, gun emplacement, supply dump, and a power plant. About 225 vehicles, including train engines and cars, are destroyed, along with 16 enemy aircraft. 25 fighters are lost.

Ninth AF

IX TAC establishes its first station on the Continent, at au Guay. 500-plus B-26’s and A-20’s bomb targets in assault area in France. Targets include military concentrations, road and rail bridges and junctions, artillery batteries, marshalling yards, and town areas. Aircraft of more than 15 fighter groups fly escort to bombers and transports, and bomb numerous targets in support of ground assault, including rail facilities, roads, troop concentrations, artillery, and town areas.

Twelfth AF

Medium Bombers attack bridges, railroads, and roads N, NE, and NW of Rome. Light Bombers hit motor transport in town of Arcidosso. Fighter Bombers and fighters bomb and strafe motor transport and roads N of battle area, destroying numerous vehicles, especially along the roads between Rome and Vetralla. In ground action Indian 4th Div takes Pescara and Chieti, while 2d NZ Div reaches Avezzano E of Rome. XII BC is disbanded in Corsica.

Fifteenth AF

More than 550 B-17’s and B-24’s attack oil stores at Porto Marghera, oil refinery at Trieste, marshalling yards at Mestre, Trieste, and Ancona, and airfield at Ferrara. P-51’s and P-38’s fly escort, strafe Targets of opportunity between Bucharest and Danube R and S of Craiova, and dive-bomb an oil refinery at Ploesti

Tenth AF

23 B-24’s bomb targets at Chauk, Lonywa, and Yenangyaung while 29 others supply ammo to Imphal area. 50 A-36’s, P-51’s, and P-40’s blast targets at Myitkyina, Mogaung and Tapo.

Fourteenth AF

23 P-40’s and P-51’s hit railroad traffic and tracks at Linfen and Loning and tank concentration at Lingroupao. 6 P-40’s hit bridge at Tasa. B-25’s, P-40’s, P-51’s, and P-38’s carry out 150-plus sorties against numerous targets throughout Tungting Lake area. Numerous rivercraft are destroyed or damaged, Kukang and other villages NE of Changsha are bombed, Hankow-Wuchang airfield revetments and buildings are pounded, Changshowkai area is blasted, and several river landings and storage installations in the lake area are attacked. 3 B-24’s on S China Sea sweep claim 1 small cargo ship sunk.

Fifth AF

A-20’s hit airfield at Babo, destroying grounded aircraft, fuel dump, several buildings, and a gun position. A-20’s, B-25’s, and RAAF airplanes hit Wewak area with more than 100 tons of bombs.

Thirteenth AF

8 P-38’s skip-bomb supply tunnels at Keravia Bay while 4 others strafe nearby AA positions. AA guns S of Rapopo are attacked by 12 B-25’s, 20 P-39’s, and 20-plus Navy dive bombers. Other B-25’s bomb Ratawul. 31 P-39’s and 20-plus Navy aircraft hit Chinatown at Buka and a supply area NE of the airstrip, a barge at Sohano I, trucks near Tsirogei, and a ford near Monoitu.

Seventh AF

B-24’s, staging through Eniwetok, bomb Truk and Ponape during 9/10 Jun. B-25’s from Makin hit Nauru during the day.


FRANCE—21 Army Group: In U.S. First Army area, VII and V Corps establish contact at Auvillesur- le-Vey, but enemy remains in Carentan. In VII Corps area, TF BARBER, on 4th Div right, makes little headway through Azeville gap toward enemy’s MLR on Quinéville ridge, since enemy is disposed in strength on the TF flanks; efforts to reduce Ozeville and Château de Fontenay are futile; 12th Inf reaches positions just below Montebourg–Quinéville highway in region E of Montebourg and is well ahead of rest of 4th Div; 8th Inf gains its objectives along Le Ham–Montebourg highway. 505th Para Inf, 82d A/B Div, takes one of its objectives, Montebourg Station, but is halted a little short of the other, Le Ham. 60th Div (less 359th Inf, attached to 4th Div) attacks W toward the Douve through 82d A/B Div’s Merderet bridgehead but makes little headway; 357th Inf crosses at La Fière and pushes toward Les Landes; 358th crosses at Chef-du-Pont and moves on Pont l’Abbé, getting a little beyond Picauville. 101st A/B Div begins envelopment of Carentan: 327th Gli Inf moves in from NE upon crossing the Douve near Brévands and cuts E exits from the town; bitter battle develops on W, where 3d Bn, 502d Para Inf, inches across causeway NW of Carentan under enemy fire, which supporting arty is unable to silence; elements of 401st Gli Inf make contact with V Corps units at Auville-sur-le- Vey. 9th Div arrives and begins to debark. V Corps gains its objectives with little difficulty since German lines above Caumont have given way and gap 10 miles wide is virtually undefended. 29th Div’s 115th Inf reaches Elle R line. 38th and 9th Regts of 2d Div speed through Fret de Cerisy to objectives. 18th Inf, 1st Div, reaches St Lô–Bayeux highway.

In Br Second Army area, 30 Corps commits 7th Armd Div to action in Tilly-sur-Seulles region, where enemy is resisting strongly. I Corps continues to press toward Caen.

ITALY—AAI: Br 5 Corps pursues enemy up Adriatic coast, Ind 4th Div taking Pescara and Chieti.

In U.S. Fifth Army’s VI Corps area, 1st Armd Div, relieved by 36th Div on left and FEC on right, is withdrawn from line. 36th Div is responsible for entire VI Corps zone. In II Corps area, final elements of corps are withdrawn from line. In FEC area, Lt Gen Edgar de Larminat, as head of Pursuit Corps, directs advance of 3d Algerian Div on W and 1st Motorized Div on E in narrow sector, largely W of Highway 2, on Fifth Army right flank.

In Br Eighth Army’s 13 Corps area, enemy rear guards are slowing S African 6th Armd Div below Bagnoregio. 4th Div reverts to corps from Br 10 Corps upon relief E of the Tiber by Ind 8th Div. 10 Corps is meeting considerable resistance below Terni. NZ 2d Div reaches Avezzano.

CBI—In NCAC area, Allied troops launch coordinated attack on Myitkyina but make little progress. In Mogaung Valley, Ch forces are pushing closer to Kamaing, which is besieged.

On Salween front, Ch 87th and 88th Divs are supplied with ammunition by air as they continue to attack hills in Lung-ling. In China, Japanese have 5 divs along the Liu-yang R and are threatening Changsha.

NEW GUINEA—On Biak, Gen Krueger again urges Gen Fuller to secure airfields as quickly as possible. Bulk of 162d Inf, TF HURRICANE, advances cautiously W toward Mokmer airdrome. Enemy continues to resist in Parai Defile. AT Co of 162d Inf and Co A, 186th, are recalled from ridges extending W from trail inland, which they have been trying in vain to clear since 7th. In Hollandia– Aitape area, hq of TF PERSECUTION orders positions along the Driniumor improved quickly; in the event of attack, enemy is to be delayed first along line X-ray R–Koronal Creek and second at the Nigia. Main line of resistance about the airfields is to be held. Japanese patrol activity is decreasing in Driniumor area but increasing along S branches of Niumen Creek, about 3,000 yards E of the Driniumor.

U.S.—U.S. Eighth Army is activated at Memphis, Tennessee.

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