Sunday, September 9, 2012

Welcome to the North Bay Lines

Greetings and welcome to my blog.  I have been collecting information on the Santa Fe Railway for many years and shared a little of what I learned on the UNLV and Yahoo Santa Fe discussion lists.  Although those lists are great sources of information, they are not specific to my modeling era of 1945 or locale of the San Francisco Bay area.  I changed the focus of where and when I want to model about 10 years ago from Houston/Galveston to Richmond.  Both areas were relatively flat and had maritime interfaces.  I was drawn west by the greater diversity of steam power, passenger and freight trains, industries, military posts, and rail-marine operations. 

This blog will document the progress on the layout that I'm building and the information about the prototype on which it is based.  The area modeled will be about 50 miles, from MP 1130, just east of Middle River on the Valley Division Third District, to the Pullman spur, just RR west of Richmond.  It will include Ferry Point and the car float operations.The RR lends itself to both mainline running under Time Table & Train Orders, of which I am very fond, and industrial switching which I also enjoy.  Passenger operations include the Califonia Limited, Grand Canyon and Golden Gate yielding a mix of heavyweight and streamlined trains.The west end of the Santa Fe had a fascinating mix of operations and scenery.  Join me and read along as I document the journey to duplicate in HO scale.

John Barry,
 Cotati, CA

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