Monday, September 10, 2012

1944 Steam Locomotive Summary

The Santa Fe's west coast lines used a different mix of steam locomotive classes than the rest of the system.  The nearly flat expanse of the Valley Divistion made use of smaller, lighter power practical there so a preponderance of Pacifics was found there.  The Arizona Divison whose Mojave District included Tehachapi, had a lot of 3800 class 2-10-2s for moving freight between Bakersfiel and Barstow. 

A summary of locomotives assigned to each of the four California Divisions follows:
This list was extracted from he 1944 locomotive assignment list proidedby Stan Kistler.  A few of thelocmotivs changed Division assignments during the year and are counted in both divisions so a summation of the grand totals would have a few double counts.

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