Friday, September 14, 2012

Wartime flat car loads update

After verifying this image is in the public domain as a partof the national archives, here is a copy of PT201 on SP flat 79571.  Can anyone tell me if somone makes a model of this car? October 1945 ORER shows it as a 52 foot car.   From Lee A. Gautreaux's Railgoat SP flat car page, I learned this is a F-50-14 class car with 16 stake pockets, straight side sills and Columbia steel trucks built by the SP in 1937.  His site with lots of SP info is at

John Barry

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  1. Hi John,

    I would take whatever 52' flatcar on hand. This is a great shot and it shows how the boat was loaded. I guess there was also an idler flat at the rear, because of the overhang. I'm also modeling Higgins LCVP's on flatcars and even LCM3's loaded sideways in 52' drop end gondolas. I found a picture of such a load behind an Erie steamer. For the landing boats I use the Airfix LCM3 and LCVP. They are actually 1/76 and therefore a bit smaller than the 1/72 models on the market. Will post pictures in my blog when finished.

    Alain Kap, MMR