Thursday, November 29, 2018

In search of the Bx-35

Santa Fe purchased 500 single sheathed auto cars from the Pressed Steel Car Co in 1930.  They were essentially 50 foot versions of the Bx-11 and 12 variants of the ARA single sheathed 40’ box car design.  The cars had 4-5 recessed Dreadnaught ends with square corners, radial steel roofs, ARA steel underframes, hat section Pratt truss side frames, KC air brakes, Ajax geared hand brakes, double 6-7-6 Youngstown doors over a 12’ opening, and Dahlman 1-level trucks.   
Below is an in service photo of 66299 with a re-weight in San Francisco of 9-36.

Bob’s Photo

Santa Fe converted the entire class into Bx-35 box cars in 1940 when nearly all of the Fe-U’s became single door cars.  The seventeen cars in engine loading service remained as Fe-Us till 1943 when they too were converted.  All 500 Fe-U’s survived to become single door box cars. 
After the war, Santa Fe re-built the Bx-35s with steel sides and 8 foot doors and they ended up looking very much like the Fe-21s.

It’s been difficult to find photos of the single sheathed Bx-35 and so far, I haven’t found one of a complete car.  Absent a full body roster shot, the next best thing is a Jack Delano photo of an Fe-22 at the KC team tracks in 1943.  This shot shows a partial view of the A end of 150312.  The aux door is visible and appears to not have been changed from it’s Fe-U days, but may have been welded shut. 

Library of Congress, Jack Delano Photo 8d15156v

If any one has a more complete single sheathed Bx-35, please contact me at

John Barry
Lovettsville, VA
29 Nov 2018

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