Friday, June 13, 2014

Santa Fe Forms

Ever wonder which form was for what purpose?  The Santa Fe had a system.  Most large organizations do and they also have an index so you can find the right form.  Santa Fe’s index eluded me for many years as I did not know what exactly to look for.  An on line discussion with some fellow modelers yielded results last year when John Moore of Albuquerque asked me if the List of Blanks was what I needed.  A couple sample pages later and I was convinced that it was indeed that index that had so long eluded me.  John generously loaned me his 1947 and 1958 editions. 

The Form 1091 Standard, List of Blanks in use by lines of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway System, is described in its 1947 edition as Description of Printed Forms.   And what a description it is.  Everything you can think of that had to have a standardized format is in here.  From Train Orders (Form 933 Standard) to Train Sheets (Form 1546-F Special for the Valley Div 3rd District), Freight Waybills (too many to list here but one is Form 1829 Regular, Preferred Movement), Locomotive Service Report (Form 1161 Standard), to Instructions to Station Freight Agents (Form 500 Standard).  All this and a whole lot more including car cards, accounting documents, shippers notifications and everything else needed to run the railroad.  The forms evolved over time, with some becoming obsolete and deleted with others added as needs changed.  You can see this in the addition of Consigned Empty Freight Car Card (Form 1851 Standard) and deletion of Meat Card (Form 1390 Standard) between the 47 and 58 editions. 

More on this useful document later.  PDFs of the 47 and 58 editions can be found on the ATSFRR.ORG website at and

John Barry
12 June 2014
Cameron Park, CA


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